With renewable energy

  • Nachhaltige Städte

    New cities can be designed in a sustainable way from the scratch

  • 100% Renewable Energy

    The "Combikraftwerk" runs with different Renewable Energy sources according the societies energy demand

    Combined Renewable Energy generation

    Fraunhofer IWES with partners demonstrate how different Renewable Energy Sources are going to be combined for a carbon free future

    This animation explained (in German) already 2013 how we can power an industrial country like German based on 100% renewable energy supply

    Klick to be transferred to Youtube and watch the video!

    How to deal with heat demand and fuel for cars?

    "Sector Coupling" integrates Renewable Electricity into heat and electric car charging systems

    Smart grids and digital technologies allow to bring production and demand together

    Video kontent on Youtube

    100% Renewable Energy village Feldheim

    The village has built its own grid and connected wind, solar and biogas for heat and power

    See on Youtube the project developers "Energiequelle" video about the project (German language)

  • Solar - Photovoltaic & Concentrated Solar Power

    Safe, reliable, and unique.

    CSP - Solar Power around the clock. Even at night.

    Fraunhofer ISE research on CSP and industrial heat

    CSP used to be the big promise - before PV prices went down. However, in many countries CSP finds its niche.

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    Private PV

    Sun provides energy when it is needed most

    Finanztip calculates the benefits of private PV installations

    Video kontent on Youtube

  • Agricultural PV

    Dual use of land for agriculture and PV

    Research on agricultural PV

    Fraunhofer Institute test and measures

    Film on Youtube explains Pros and Cons - political obstacles

    Next2Sun builds vertical bifacial Agri-PV systems

    Higher energy yield through bifacial modules and dual use of land

    Watch on Youtube about 4.1 MW project in Donaueschingen

  • Too good to be forgotten

    Movie produced by great Joerg Moll for 3Sat Hitec in 2003 - our first broadcast will discuss how far we have come and what is yet to be achieved

  • E-mobility in Germany

    Prof. Quaschning explains how German car manufacturers fail to offer attractive charging infrastructure - in German language

  • Sector Coupling

    How to integrate heat demand and mobility into the Renewable Energy system?


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