With renewable energy

  • We start here, with links to great films, sorted by topic

    Solar PV and Electric Cars charging homes

  • Cities must become sustainable and carbon free

    New cities can be designed in a sustainable way from the scratch

  • Solar - Photovoltaic & Concentrated Solar Power

    Safe, reliable, and unique.

    CSP - Solar Power around the clock. Even at night.

    This energy comes right out of space

    CSP used to be the big promise - before PV prices went down. However, in many countries CSP finds its niche.

    Klick to be transferred to Youtube and watch the video!

    PV - below 2 US Cent per kWh

    Sun provides energy when it is needed most

    At lower demand and at night battery storage can be a solution

    Video kontent on Youtube

    PV - How do solar panels work?

    A publication of TED education on Youtube

    An good explanation, easy to understand

  • Agricultural PV

    Dual use of land for agriculture and PV

    BayWa RE builds a commercial Agri-PV system in NL

    Combination of PV and agriculture solves land use conflict

    Watch on Youtube BayWa RE´s film about the project

    Next2Sun builds vertical bifacial Agri-PV systems

    Higher energy yield through bifacial modules and dual use of land

    Watch on Youtube about 4.1 MW project Donaueschingen

  • Wind Energy

    Onshore and Offshore

    How big can wind turbines get

    Growing rotor diameters require new solutions and materials

    RealEngineering, Nebula & Curiosity Stream have made a good effort to explain where wind energy stands as of today - Youtube content

    The Wind Energy Island

    Tennet plans the Nort Sea Wind Power Hub

    Big plans in the Netherlands - klick above for video on Youtube

    Offshore Wind is big in UK

    Combination of PV and agriculture solves land use conflict

    See how the world´s biggest Offshore Wind project takes shape - Youtube content

  • Wave Energy

    Take a look and enjoy!

    The status of wave energy well explained

    Wave energy has great potential. However, the harsh maritime environment and lack economy of scale is a mayor obstacle.

    A very good peace of journalism brought to you by Enginuity Explained - on Youtube

  • Renewable Transportation

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Are Renewable Powered Ships Possible

    Is Wind Power the Future of shipping?

    Watch Real Engineering film, brought by Nebula & Curiosity Stream on Youtube
    These guys do good research and bring the actual state of technology to the point!

  • Storage Systems - The missing Link

    Real Engineering, on Curiosity Stream and Nebula, did research on liquid metal batteries

  • Vertical forests

    Sustainable buildings bring forests into city buildings

    Klick above - provided on Youtube

    Energy Positive Buildings

    Klick above - provided on Youtube


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